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Husk sofa  

Design : Patricia Urquiola

Warm and comfortable, Husk is the perfect example of something you sitin rather than on.

Created with a softer and more flexible structure, Husk boasts deep seats and down feather cushions allowing for maximum comfort. Husk is available in two sizes. The shorter version combines the seat with a backrest, whereas in the longer version, the two cushioned components are separated. Whether in a solid colour or mélange fabrics, Husk maintains a casual elegance.

alt2_divano-husk-2124-1401287495Nowadays, almost everyone has an interest in home decor and furnishing and is aware of design fashions and trends. The interior designer is no longer entrusted only by major clients for large-scale progects such has hotel, restaurants or boutiques, but also by private individuals for their homes. People are now accustomed to hire a designer  whether they need to furnish an apartment in a big city, renovate a villa outside the city or restore a cottage in the country.

In some cases, the designer is a real superstar – or archistar: examples are Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders and Karim Rashid. Among the most famous designers in the world, Patricia Urquiola is certainly one of the most accomplished and requested by well-known design brands. Urquiola collaborates with several leading furniture and home décor brands such as Moroso, B&B Italia, Rosenthal, Alessi and many more. Many of her products are exhibited in the permanent collations of the MoMA in New York and other museums of contemporary art. The Spanish designer has also received many international awards such as the Medalla de Oro al Merito en las Bellas Artes in 2010, granted by the Spanish government and the award of Designer of the Year in 2012 by the German magazine A&W.

For Patricia Urquiola, a piece of furniture must give “not only a physical but also a mental sense of comfort.” This is especially true for areas of the home dedicated to relaxation and rest, as the living area and the bedroom.

The living area acts as a very important place where the family members gather or welcome guests. It is very important that the decor of this room reflects the style of the owners but also that conveys a feeling of openness, hospitality and comfort. The sofa is the absolute star of the living room: it is the sofa, in fact, that welcomes residents of the house at the end of the day to talk, relax and watch TV together or to seat together while reading a book.

Comfort is also the most important principle to keep in mind in the design of the bedroom, where one spends time to rest or take a moment for him or herself. The harmony between the elements of the bedroom, and their location is critical to creating an environment that makes one feel good and gives a sense of wellbeing for body and mind. As the sofa is the star of the living room, so it is the bed of the rooms of the sleeping area. Sleeping well means feeling well during the day, so it is essential to choose a bed that meets the personal needs related to a good rest.

Patricia Urquiola has created the Husk line by B&B Italia, that includes a sofa and a bed that respond perfectly to the idea of conveying both physical and mental comfort.

The Husk sofa truly reflects the vision of Patricia Urquiola: the designer has designed with protective and welcoming shapes, accentuated by pronounced seat depth and important volumes. The Husk sofa by B&B Italia welcomes one in a warm hug and puts one at ease with its elegant yet casual design.

The Husk bed reflects the same philosophy of the first piece of the Husk collection, the Husk armchair: its concept is based on the pursue of softness and comfort, the contrast between simple and complex and a feeling of welcome and hospitality.

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